Since 1958

Prodotti Alfa, through industrial up-cycling processes, transforms waste into a high quality raw material.

Today Prodotti Alfa recycles, in full respect of the environment, waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfill with negative consequences for the environment and society and puts an ecological and eco-compatible material back on the market, 100% recycled according to the GRS, Global Recycle Standard, certified by the Institute of Ethical and Environmental Certification.
Our recycled materials are made up of more than 90% natural raw materials.
Furthermore, thanks to the GRS certification it is possible to guarantee that the entire supply and production chain is sustainable, giving the product environmental and social ethics as well as an elegant and cutting-edge appearance.

– Reuse of process water: drastic reduction in water withdrawal from groundwater.

– Proprietary biological purification plant, water purification from chemical and mechanical residues.

– Reuse of production waste: through a proprietary system we are able to recycle production waste and reinsert it into the production cycle.