This support has a slightly softer hand THAN THE STANDARD and HAS good tear resistance.
It is supplied in thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 2.2 mm, in two Natural/Dark bases; frosted or raw.
Good flatness, easy to glue in the frosted version and easy to strip.
If compared with leather it guarantees savings of over 20% in processing times and yields

Ideal for:


Thanks to its excellent dry/wet ratio, it is particularly appreciated as a REINFORCEMENT in leather goods, furniture, packaging, bookbinding and footwear to give body to articles that require a softer hand and a slightly sagging effect.
Used as a filler in products it guarantees a notable percentage of sustainable product making the product eco-friendly.


Another application is in bookbinding, for the production of diaries and notebooks. It is perfect for this type of application as thanks to its characteristics it does not need to be coupled with other materials. Savings in the use of materials guarantees the customer cost savings and a positive effect on the environment.


In packaging as a cover for boxes or the creation of glasses holders or small leather goods.


The colored material finds its greatest application in FURNISHINGS. The most requested thicknesses are 1.4 mm and 1.6 mm with different finishes and prints that resemble real leather. Used to make household items, placemats, baskets, wardrobe panels, backs of beds, mirrors, lamp holders, table and wall coverings. The SPECIAL has a good seal which reaches very high levels if it is laminated with a canvas.