Regenerated Leather100% recycled material

The regenerated leather is a 100% ecological and eco-sustainable material. It arises from the recycling of leather waste and fiber waste from bovine hides. This innovative, sustainable and recycled material has become the best substitute for leather: it is pleasant to the touch, soft and supple. It allows you to save 20% in processing yields compared to leather and to create bespoke handmade products and personalize them with your logo or company name. The excellent workability allows to create finished products with high quality standards. Regenerated leather is synonymous with environmental commitment, ideal for items destined for sectors such as Fashion, Furniture, Bookbinding, Packaging, Labels and much more.

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Since 1958, Prodotti Alfa has offered a wide range of recycled materials by committing to pursue circular, ethical, transparent and ecological objectives in the design, production and distribution chain of the product.
The company know-how is focused on improving the tanning waste management system through the development of innovative technologies that allow their recovery and promote their reuse at the expense of disposal.

We were the forerunners of what has now become a primary need for the protection of our planet.


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Latex and Rubber

In 2015 Prodotti Alfa Srl adds the offering of natural rubber and latex materials to its reference core business.

The company can boast a long experience in such materials, as they constitute 30% of the compounds that allow the production of bonded leather.


Prodotti Alfa Srl introduces a new line of items in its collections, featuring innovative technical characteristics, such as material high flexibility, great prints and finishes, and is pleasant to the touch. The latest proposals of the company in Tromello (Pavia) have been developed after acquiring the know-how and trademark of CORIUM®

Prodotti Alfa

Historical brand of leather - shoe industry, the company produces since 1958 bonded leather. The strengths that set it apart are the research, which has led her to create articles of high aesthetic impact, product quality, the ratio of great collaboration with the customer and the production of items that are used today in many sectors of industry.

A raw material that can realize your ideas

Thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm, can be supplied raw in rolls or sheets and can be coated in a range of more than 1000 colors and shades.
It is sold in several formats: 500 kg industrial coils, reels, sheets of various sizes. The height of our material varies between 145 and 152 cm.

Embossing and Finishes

Reinforcement raw material and finished material for many applications, the bonded leather can be subjected to embossing and printing

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International Technology talks about us:  100% Natural, Recycled, Made in Italy

Packaging Première 2022

An exclusive exhibition, dedicated to those who create packaging for the luxury sector, to those who make it and to the big international brands who want to entrust the custody of their products to "shapes" that bring the tangible and recognizable sign of the high quality to the world. range. Luxury packaging is expressed in suggestive and original forms, based on a production chain designed to pursue the excellence of the processing of raw materials up to the finished product.

DUE2: frees your creativity in an environmentally sustainable way

From the new graphic & design division of Prodotti Alfa DUE is born. DUE2 is a digitally printed reconstituted leather fibers to create brilliant images of maximum creativity with FUJI INK eco-friendly and highly pigmented inks GREENGUARD certified.

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