the best replacement of leather

    the best replacement of leather

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What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is a material that is created from the processing of leather fibre scraps of bovine origin. It is a natural material that has become the best substitute for leather over the years. It is a process very similar to that of paper processing: to obtain bonded leather in fact, all the products are mixed with water in special tanks where they are left to rest for a few hours. This mixture is then purified from residues and dirt. In the final stage the mixture enters the production line and after the dripping and drying phase it is rolled in industrial coils with various weights.

Prodotti Alfa S.p.A. was among the first companies in Italy to undertake the production of bonded leather, an ecological material that looks to the preservation of the environment in which we live.

cuoio rigenerato in fogli

fibre di pelle

Bonded leather produced by Prodotti Alfa Srl Bonded Leather Division is a high quality material and is produced in compliance with the REACH regulation.

It is sold in several formats: 500 kg industrial coils, reels, sheets of various sizes. The height of our material varies between 145 and 152 cm.

Products made with bonded leather can be treated and maintained unchanged over time using the same products for real leather for their care and cleaning, choosing the least aggressive ones.

Bonded leather is a resistant, water repellent, easy to clean and durable product, perfect for use in the furniture, giftware and bookbinding field.

   Prodotti Alfa Srl it's certified GRS

materiale grezzo e finito


Reinforcement raw material and finished material for many applications.

goffratura e stampa


The bonded leather of our Company can be subjected to embossing and printing

pelletteria e calzature


Il cuoio rigenerato viene impiegato come sostituto della pelle e del cuoio



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