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goffratura cuoio rigenerato

In general the embossing process embellishes the surface of a material. The refinement of this technique and continuous investments by Prodotti Alfa Srl in research and development has enabled the company to considerably improve the quality and aesthetics of bonded leather, thus placing the company at the top in Italy in its field.

All products made with bonded leather may be subjected to embossing, or printed.

The leather embossing process will engrave a design on the bonded leather reproducing the “grain” of genuine leather.
First and foremost, embossing is meant to simulate the typical effect of materials like leather or wood on the surface subjected to embossing.

Bonded leather produced by Prodotti Alfa Srl can be embossed in both variants:

  • Coloured/treated bonded leather
  • Unrefined bonded leather

What is embossing?

Embossing is a process whereby the surface subjected to embossing changes its original appearance to take on the predefined one of the mould.
Embossing is carried out by means of a pressure exerted by a mould on an initially smooth surface.
After embossing, the same surface will show the print or embossed decorative design chosen throughout the area subjected to pressure.

The following can be subjected to embossing:

  • Materials that are soft by nature and characteristics
  • Substances subject to permanent deformation in their weight or fibre without danger of breakage

Leather embossing

Bonded leather is subjected to embossing to give it a decoration, an embossed pattern, a design that makes it as much as possible similar to animal skin or wood.
Embossing was an embossed printing process already quite popular in the 18th century, but it is still used in some decorations on paper and fabric and to create luxury garments.
In particular embossing of bonded leather allows reproducing the appearance of a more valuable material that owes its value to natural qualities on the raw material obtained from the recycling of leather trimmings of bovine origin and tannery waste (wet blue).

This is why we talk about:

  • Embossing of dermoids and cardboards to imitate hides and leathers respectively
  • Embossing of bovine hides and leathers to imitate the finest skins of snake, crocodile, seal.


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